Our Core Virtues

Copy of Bolton Crossing Virtues

All Bolton Crossing students are expected to display the following virtues on a daily basis:

HONESTY - Each person carries out his or her responsibilities carefully and with integrity, never claiming credit for someone else's work and being willing to acknowledge wrongdoing. Students and staff share their ideas openly, in a climate of trust, with a confidence that what is written and spoken honestly expresses, and that all people are trustworthy.

RESPECT - Each person responds sensitively to the ideas and needs of others without dismissing or degrading them. Differences among people are celebrated, and all members of the community are able to accept both praise and constructive suggestions from others. While affirming individual freedom, the rights of the group are also fully honored.

RESPONSIBILITY - Each person has a sense of duty to fulfill willingly the tasks he or she has accepted or has been assigned. All work is conscientiously performed. Members of the community feel comfortable asking for help and agree that they must be held accountable for their behavior.

CARING - Each person is considerate and caring. There is a recognition that everyone, from time to time, feels hurt, confused or sad. Instead of ignoring such conditions, people reach out to one another. In the case of conflict, members of the community seek reconciliation and try to understand each other, even forgive.

PERSEVERANCE - Each person is diligent, with the inner strength and determination to pursue well-defined goals. It does matter that a task be completed once begun, and to persevere not only teaches discipline, but brings rewards as well. Each person pushes hard to complete assignments, and all members of the community willingly support others in their work.

When a staff member observes a student displaying any of these virtues, they will fill out a virtue slip and have the student deliver it to the "Virtue Box" on the counter in the main office. The slips will then be read aloud on the morning announcements recognizing these outstanding students and their behaviors! At the end of the week, a few students will be randomly drawn and called to the office to select a small prize acknowledging their great behaviors! Students will then be given their Virtue Slips to take home to share with their families!

Virtues in the Community! We strongly encourage our Bolton Crossing families to participate in this learning by letting us know how your child has demonstrated Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Caring or Perseverance at home or in the community! Please find the attached "Family Virtue Slip" below, print it, fill it out and have your child turn it in to the school office so we can be sure to recognize them! Slips may also be found in the back to school folder in the newsletter or you may obtain one in the school office.

Family Virtue Slips.docx