Directions for Youth & Families

Hello Bolton Crossing students and family!

My name is Vanessa Vinson and I am a School Connections Social Worker for Directions for Youth and Families. My role in the school is to provide mental health services for students in times of need. I provide individual counseling services, as well as provide support for families. I have experience working with a variety of needs such as: Life adjustments, anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, and behavioral concerns at home or school. In addition, processing and addressing various types of traumas. At DFYF, we practice under trauma informed care. If you feel your child may benefit from counseling services, please refer to our DFYF website at or reach out to me for further information. We accept public insurance as well as some private insurance. You may also let your child’s teacher or staff know you are interested in services. A referral can be completed by the school or you can reach out directly to me for a referral. My contact information is below.


Vanessa Vinson, LSW
Office number: (614) 294-2661 extension 2560
DFYF website:
DFYF website: